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How a tiny Scottish soccer club is chasing ‘Wrexham'-sized dreams

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Soccer is gaining popularity through television shows like ‘Ted Lasso’ and ‘Welcome to Wrexham.’ The documentary series about Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney owning a Welsh soccer club has introduced the sport to new audiences. One small Scottish soccer club, the Caledonian Braves, has attracted global investment and support. The club, with a capacity of 500 fans, has received over $300,000 from more than 1,000 owners worldwide. Among the owners are NBA players, coaches, soccer players in the National Women Super League, and investors from 49 US states. The Braves aim to become a fan-owned club that embodies diversity and community values, while aspiring to reach the Scottish Premier League. The club’s vision has resonated with investors who see soccer’s potential for growth and the importance of community. Fan ownership offers a unique model that allows many small investors to support ambitious goals. The inclusion of fans in the decision-making process is facilitated through an app and Discord channel. The Braves hope to follow the German soccer culture’s fan majority ownership model. Despite the challenges of managing expectations, fan ownership has created a sense of community and passion for the club. The Braves’ story demonstrates that anyone can be a part-owner of a football club for a minimal investment.