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Trump turns 78, a birthday he wishes ‘doesn't exist'

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In a rare speechless moment on Sunday, a former president stepped back from the microphone as his supporters broke into a rendition of a well-known song. The former president expressed his desire to pretend that the day, his 78th birthday, doesn’t exist. The significance of this age is that it is the same age as his opponent, President Joe Biden, when he won the election. Concerns about Biden’s fitness for office have followed him, and now, as the two oldest presidents to serve, their ages have become a prominent topic. Surveys show that more than half of US adults think both are too old to serve another term. Despite this, the former president has consistently tried to downplay the significance of his age and compare himself favorably to Biden. However, both candidates have had their share of gaffes and verbal slips. The former president seeks to mock Biden’s cognitive abilities, but his own mental acuity has faced scrutiny as well. Amidst the discussion of age, it is worth noting that both candidates experienced similar historical events and are of the same generation. As their campaigns intensify, attacks from each side are becoming more aggressive, with the focus on questioning their opponent’s mental abilities. The age and mental state of the former president have been brought into the public discourse not only by political opponents but also by former allies. However, his allies believe that his age could be a potential factor that would prevent his incarceration following a felony conviction. Despite the ongoing questions about his longevity, the former president assures his supporters that he has good genes and expects to live a long time.